November 17 2010

Earlier this week I completed a day of filming on the movie SERVITUDE.  Photos will be posted soon.

November 10 2010

Just finished three days working on an episode of the MURDOCH MYSTERIES.  Pics will be posted soon.  Will have more news about an air date when the fourth season begins.

April 1 2010

Renovations on this website have (for the most part) been completed.
This will hopefully mean that those of you who click on video footage or reels will now actually be able to view them no matter which browser or operating system you happen to be using!
Some changes and updates are still pending, so if you happen to notice any bugs or get a 404 page loading error, please let me know by sending a quick message to

February 15 2010

My ROGERS commercial continues to air into another cycle.
I still have not seen myself in it.

January 24 2010

More GREY GARDENS award news:
Yesterday Drew Barrymore won a SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARD for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries.
As has been the case for most of this awards season, Jessica Lange was nominated in the same category for the same film.
All the current awards info for the movie can be seen HERE.

January 18 2010

Last night GREY GARDENS came away from the Golden Globes, having won Best Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie and
Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Made for TV Movie for Drew Barrymore.
Read all about it HERE.

December 15 2009

GREY GARDENS was nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards today.
And again, both Drew Barrymore and Jessica Langewere nominated for Best Actress In A Mini-series or Made-for-TV Movie.
More information is posted HERE.

October 15 2009

The ROGERS commercial that I shot a month ago has begun airing.
However, it seems that all but my hands have been cut out of the final edit.
Apparently I’m visible in another version of the commercial somewhere, I just haven’t seen it!

September 21 2009:

GREY GARDENS won a total of 6 Emmys last night. 
They included Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for Jessica Lange,
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for Ken Howard and
Outstanding Made for Television Movie.
You can read more about it HERE.

August 30 2009:

Shot a commercial for ROGERS WIRELESS today.  Will post more information when it begins airing.

August 19 2009:

Just returned from a very successful run at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival. 
Have included two new reviews on the MEDIA page.  More pictures will come soon.
GREY GARDENS has been nominated for 17 Emmy Awards.
Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange were both nominated for Lead Actress in a miniseries or movie.
You can read more about it HERE and HERE.

July 20 2009:

As of July 15 both shows at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival have opened. 
Pics and reviews can be seen by clicking on the link.  I will add more to this page in good time.
MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS is now available for download on iTunes Canada.
GREY GARDENS is now available on DVD.

June 7 2009:

Just found out that MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will be airing on the SUPER CHANNEL starting July 1 at 8pm.
More info available HERE.
AND – Have now left for SLSF rehearsals in Prescott.

May 27 2009:

Starting June 8 I will be in rehearsals for another season at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival in Prescott.
The shows this year are TAMING OF THE SHREW and MEASURE FOR MEASURE.
Click HERE for show schedule and more details.

May 18 2009:

On Friday May 22nd I will be participating in a staged reading of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie at the Stirling Festival Theatre.
Tickets are $15 and are available at the Box Office or online.  The show starts at 8pm.  More info available HERE.

April 22 2009:

Now that its premiered on HBO, I’ve added more material to the site from GREY GARDENS.
You can view a clip from the film on the REELS page HERE and some more photos from my time on set HERE.

April 16 2009:

GREY GARDENS begins airing in two days on HBO (Saturday at 8pm).
Until then you can view updated info on the film HERE.

March 5 2009:

GREY GARDENS will begin airing on HBO and HBO CANADA starting SATURDAY APRIL 18 at 8pm.
You can find further scheduling by clicking HERE.
AND – I’ve made some changes to my voice reel and you can listen to that HERE.

February 19 2009:

A teaser for GREY GARDENS has been posted on the HBO website.  You can watch it by clicking HERE.
AND – A clip from the film X WORLD has now been added to the REELS page.
Watch it HERE.

January 14 2009:

Some articles about GREY GARDENS have been published in the last week.
From what I understand now, the movie will be airing on HBO in April.
I’ll post more when I know anything else – until then you can read the articles from VARIETY and the TORONTO STAR by clicking on those links.

January 7 2009:

Just found out that TOURING PLAYERS (the company that produced the tours of THE NOSE FROM JUPITER I performed in) has closed.
You can read the message that was posted on their webpage HERE.

December 29 2008:

The film X WORLD is now nearing completion.  Some still images have been added HERE.
Clips will be posted on the REELS page when they become available.
AND – The IMDb page for GREY GARDENS has been updated again to show that the film has now been completed and will be released sometime in 2009.
 Apparently a 90 second trailer has been broadcast on HBO in the last week.
An early user review of the film has also been posted and can be read HERE.

November 26 2008:

Some new articles have been added to the MEDIA page.
(Even a couple of years after it’s release, SIDEKICK manages to garner a lot of attention.)
AND – The release date for GREY GARDENS has now been changed to “2009” on the IMDb.
Will post more information on that as soon as it becomes available.

November 12 2008:

MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will be screening at the Silver Wave Film Festival in Fredericton this Sunday (November 16).
Film starts at 4pm at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.  Click HERE for more information.
AND – You can now order MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS on DVD.  Click HERE to order or HERE to get more info.

October 6 2008:

More screenings have been scheduled for MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS. 
If you find yourself in New Brunswick in November you’ll be able to see it in Fredericton on the 13th and 16th.  More info HERE.
AND –  I finished shooting the short film X WORLD  this weekend.  Pictures have been posted HERE.

September 26 2008:

with a panel discussion scheduled to follow.
All the pertinent info is right HERE

September 23 2008:

SIDEKICK has started yet another run on the The Movie Network.  Details HERE.
AND – I will be shooting another low-budget indie film over the coming weeks.  Info will be posted as it becomes available.

September 17 2008:

Finished shooting a short film called WE ARE CLARENCE over the weekend.  Will post any footage as soon as its been edited.

August 25 2008:

It will screen the afternoon of Saturday September 27 at the UPTOWN.
For more information click HERE

July 16 2008:

Their production of AS YOU LIKE IT had its opening this past Saturday. 
The plays run in rep until the festival closes on August 16.  You can see the entire performance schedule HERE.
ALSO – I did record some ADR for GREY GARDENS last month, however the information on the release of the film has been taken off the IMDb.
Not sure if this means that the possible dates have changed, but I’ll post something as soon as I know.
AND – (Once again!) SIDEKICK has begun another cycle on The Movie Network.  You can check out the schedule HERE

June 18 2008:

Just found out that I will be recording ADR for GREY GARDENS in the next week.  Hopefully this means that the work I did will make the final cut of the film!
AND – It has now been confirmed that MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will be screening on Air Canada flights in July and August .
Click HERE for more screening info.

June 11 2008:

Pictures have been added from our time in Buffalo yesterday for the SIDEKICK DVD release.  Click HERE to see them.
AND – Some photos from my days on GREY GARDENS have been added.  More will follow after the release of the film in November.
Click HERE to see those.

June 10 2008:

Today is the American DVD release of SIDEKICK and we will be in Buffalo, NY doing some promotion.
For those of you living in the US, the movie is now available for purchase at the world’s largest retailer, WALMART-
as well as the other retailers listed below (see April 28 entry).
Click HERE for more info.

May 2 2008:

The IMDb has posted some information on the release of GREY GARDENS.
It now looks as though the film will be opening theatrically on November 28 of this year.  Click HERE to see all the information.
Also – MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will have several more screenings across Canada in the coming months.  Click HERE for more.
And – Cover art for the American DVD of SIDEKICK has been released. Click HERE to see it!

April 28 2008:

The June 10th American release of SIDEKICK is just around the corner. 
WARNER BROTHERS is the distributor of the film and you can now order your copy at these sites:

April 24 2008:

For those who are fans of a film I was in a couple of years ago called BLOOD CREEK  – you can now buy it in the US!
I was not aware, but apparently it had an October 2007 release date south of the border.
Check out these links to purchase:

March 26 2008:

MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will be premiering today at the Canadian Filmmakers Festival.
The screening will be held at the Carlton Cinemas at 3:30pm and will be followed by a panel discussion mediated by Richard Crouse.
The film has been getting much press over the past few days from:
The Globe and Mail, National Post & The Toronto Star.

March 20 2008:

SIDEKICK will have a DVD release in the USA on June 10th of this year.
Keep an eye on AMAZON.COM or check back here for more details soon.

February 15 2008:

MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS will be premiering at the 2008 Canadian Filmmakers Festival in Toronto.
It will screen Wednesday March 26 at the Carlton Cinemas with a panel discussion to follow. 
Click HERE for more details.

February 14 2008:

SIDEKICK continues to play throughout this month on The Movie Network.
ALSO – The TYLENOL COLD commercial continues to play on all the Canadian networks and apparently in some US markets.
AND – New film clips have been added to the REELS page – check them out.

February 1 2008:

It may not seem like much, but the first time your name appears in a television guide is very cool.  Click HERE to see.
ALSO –  A new trailer for MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS has been posted on YouTube and you can see that HERE

January 20 2008:

Click HERE for cake!

January 9 2008:

The TYLENOL COLD commercial that I shot back in November is now airing on all the Canadian networks.

December 29 2007:

SIDEKICK begins playing on The Movie Network again starting January 3rd.
Click HERE for the complete schedule.

December 14 2007:

A website for MAPLE FLAVOUR FILMS has just been launched and information added to the IMDb.  Follow the links to see.
ALSO – Was lucky enough to go to the wrap party for GREY GARDENS two nights ago at The Trinity in Toronto.  Pretty cool.

December 2 2007:

Finished my final 2 days shooting GREY GARDENS this past week.  Had an amazing time working with both Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.
Right now the film is scheduled to be released in 2008 – I’ll post an update as soon as I know more details.
AND –  I also shot a commercial this week for TYLENOL COLD & FLU which should be airing some time in late December or early January.

November 20 2007:

I’ve just recently had new headshots taken with photographer Ian Brown and you can see them by clicking HERE.

November 8 2007:

Finished my first 2 days working on GREY GARDENS.  Can’t post any pictures yet as I’m not sure of the legalities involved. 
I’ll be shooting again with Ms. Barrymore as well as (the Academy Award-winning) Jessica Lange closer to the end of the month.
AND – I’ve just heard that Danny Baldwin is also working on the film.  Although we share no scenes, this will be the second feature that we’ve been in together.

October 24 2007:

In November I’ll be shooting a small role in the HBO film GREY GARDENS working opposite Drew Barrymore.
More to come soon.

August 13 – 19 2007:

Some adjustments to the site.  Contact info updated and changed.
Still more pictures and articles added – follow the links below.
AND – I do not subscribe to Facebook, but I feel I must mention those dedicated individuals who have created a page about me on the site. 
People I know and people I don’t know continue to contact me about it.  It’s a lovely gesture and I thank you for it.

August 11 2007:

More pics have been added from ROMEO & JULIET and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.
AS WELL – found some more photos from the 2005 Calgary International Film Fest on the web (bizarre, huh?). Click HERE to see them.
AND  – another article added to the PRESS page.

August 6 2007:

The 2007 St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival comes to an end this Saturday, August 11.
ROMEO & JULIET will have its final performance at 2pm, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at 7pm.
As in years past, everyone here in Prescott has made this summer an amazing experience.
AND – although I did have another run-in with a bat, I go home this year without having to receive a single rabies vaccination!

July 27 2007:

Pictures from the 2007 SLSF have now been added to the Photos page.
Click HERE to see pics from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM
and HERE to see pics from ROMEO & JULIET.

July 23 2007:

Yes, I’ve been lax with my updating.  Computer problems – what can be said?
As of July 18th both ROMEO & JULIET and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM had opened at the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival.
Some reviews and articles about the shows have been posted on the Press page.
Pictures have been slow in coming (I’ve been too busy to take them regularly), but will be posted as soon as I can get them up.
Check back soon!

July 1 2007:

Specific dates and times have been announced for the Perth Revelation International Film Festival.
SIDEKICK will be screening in the Luna Cinema SX at 7pm on Tuesday July 17th and Saturday July 21st.
Click HERE for more details.
ALSO – Rehearsals continue to go well in Prescott for the 2007 St. Lawrence Shakespeare Fest.  I will have pictures posted soon!

June 4 2007:

Rehearsals for the 2007 season of the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival begin next week.
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM opens Saturday July 14 at 7pm (preview July 13).
ROMEO & JULIET opens Wednesday July 18 at 7pm (preview July 17).
The full season calendar can be found at this LINK,
 and a list of the cast and crew at this LINK.
Pictures will be posted as soon as I can get them up and can be found on the PHOTOS page.

May 11 2007:

Starting June 2, 2007 at 8pm SIDEKICK will be airing on The Movie Network.
A high-definition transfer of the film will also be available on TMN-HD.

April 25 2007:

The performance dates for the 2007 St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival have been announced and can be found at this LINK.
The shows this year are ROMEO & JULIET and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM.
More to come.
AND – THE NOSE FROM JUPITER tour will be concluding this Monday (April 30) at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.

April 5 2007:

Screening info for SIDEKICK at the 2007 Perth Revelation International Film Festival:
July 12 – 22, 2007
Perth, Western Australia
Screening Time & Venue: TBA

March 26 2007:

More reviews added to the Press page.
Contact information has been updated.

March 18 2007:

SIDEKICK has been invited to screen in Australia again!
And again, I will probably not be in attendance.  More info as it becomes available.
ALSO – The working title for the Canadian film documentary (see Feb 12 entry) is MAPLE FLAVOURED FILMS.
See the trailer HERE.
AND – THE NOSE FROM JUPITER opens this Tuesday (March 20).  Find some new pics on the PHOTOS page.

February 12 2007:

A trailer for the as-yet-untitled documentary I participated in making last year has now been posted on YouTube.
Click HERE to see it.

February 9 2007:

I will be performing in the remount of the Touring Players show “The Nose From Jupiter”.
The play will be touring southern Ontario starting March 20 in Orillia.
Click HERE to see the complete schedule.
Check back for photos after the tour begins.
AND – More photos added to the Sidekick Photos page (HERE).

January 20 2007:

Click HERE for cake!

January 19 2007:

Shoreline Entertainment will be representing SIDEKICK on the international market.
Check out their site HERE.

January 18 2007:

That’s right, you can now get SIDEKICK through Columbia House.
Click HERE and search the DVD CLUB to see it on their site.

January 2 2007:

The NEW Press page is up and running and a link has been added to the navigation bar.
AND – To read about all that went on in 2006, click on the NEWS ARCHIVE below.
(I do try to keep the links as up-to-date as possible)

December 20 2006:

More links added to the Press page (still under development).
ALSO – I’ve added a NEWS ARCHIVE page for 2006 (see bottom) to save you from scrolling through the last 32 updates in 2007.
AND – Check out some of the pics and reviews from SIDEKICK’s screening in Australia at the official website.

December 14 2006:

Links have been added for two recent articles that were written about SIDEKICK.
A more comprehensive press page is under development for 2007, but you can click HERE to read what’s posted so far.

November 22 2006:

A partial list of the cast and crew for the 2007 St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival has just been posted on the SLSF website.
I am thrilled to be playing Flute in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.
More to come.

November 15 2006:

Pictures of SIDEKICK’s release yesterday on DVD can be seen HERE.
AND – Time and place of Possible World’s Film Fest screening have been announced:
Saturday Dec 2, 8:45 pm at the Chauvel Cinema.

November 14 2006:

On this date SIDEKICK will be released on DVD from Maple Pictures!
You will be able to rent it at Blockbuster, Rogers Video, Movie Gallery & many other stores.
You can also purchase a copy at AMAZON.CA, Chapters, HMV and anywhere else fine films are sold.
ALSO – if you really want to wait, it will be playing in December on Rogers Pay-per-view.
AND – just announced!  SIDEKICK has been invited to screen at the Possible World s film festival in Sydney, Australia (Nov 30 – Dec 6).
More than likely, I will not be in attendance at this one.

October 27 & 28 2006:

SIDEKICK Fantasy Worldwide International Film Fest screening info:
Saturday October 28 at 5:35pm, The Innis Town Hall.
ALSO -I will be part of a FWIFF seminar on Friday October 27 at the same location starting at 4pm.
AND the new SIDEKICK DVD trailer is available for viewing on the official website.

October 5 2006:

SIDEKICK will screen at the  Fantasy Worldwide Film Festival in Toronto.
The festival runs October 27 – 29 (exact time and venue TBA).
ALSO – new pictures have been added to the Photos page from my time in Kelowna and Edmonton.

September 25 2006:

Continuing with our promotion of SIDEKICK, the Moving Pictures screening info is as follows:
Saturday, September 30, 9:15pm at the Paramount Theatre, Kelowna BC.
Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at box office starting today.
This will be followed by a post show party on the Okanagan aboard the “Boardroom” luxury charter.
Following that, I will be flying to Edmonton for the International Film Festival,
the screening times for which have been posted at the above hyperlink.

September 22 2006:

For three weeks running SIDEKICK has had a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes(as of the above date).
There are only 5 reviews so far, but they all rave.
(By comparison –  a  huge movie like SPIDER-MAN has an 89% rating out of 198 reviews)
Those of you familiar with Rotten Tomatoes will know how rare a 100% rating is either way.

September 21 2006:

Details for the Edmonton International Film Festiva screenings of SIDEKICK with special guest Daniel Baldwin:
Monday, October 2nd, 7pm in Empire City Centre Cinemas 9
Wednesday, October 4, 9:15pm in Princess II Theatre.
ALSO!  You can now pre-order your copy of SIDEKICK on DVD at!!!

September 13 2006:

You can listen to an interview I did with Paul French of POPTOPIA at the Fan Expo last week by clicking HERE.
And you can visit Paul’s website at

September 10 2006:

Daniel Baldwin will be joining Michael Sparaga, David Ingram and myself to help promote SIDEKICK at the 2006 Edmonton Film Festival.
The film will be screening October 2nd (time and venue TBA).
As well, two days before that, I will be in Kelowna, B.C. for a screening of the film presented by Moving Pictures.
More about all this stuff soon!

September 5 2006:

Today we begin work on extra features for the upcoming SIDEKICK DVD.
Maple Pictures will be distributing the disc, which is scheduled to be released November 14 of this year.
Tons of extras (as well as a blooper reel) are to be included.
Check back for more news soon.
Also – pictures from our amazingly successful time at Fan Expo 2006 have been posted in the Photos page (bottom).

September 1 2006:

I now have details for the SIDEKICK screening at the 2006 Comic Book Expo.
The movie will be showing at 8pm, Friday September 1 in Theatre 2, South Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Admission is free to all pass holders at the convention.
A bunch of us will be there for a Q&A afterwards and we will also have a booth promoting the film all weekend long.
So after you’re done talking with Carrie Fisher, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy… come see us!

August 17 2006:

SIDEKICK has been invited to screen at the Edmonton International Film Festival(September 29- October 7)
and the Canadian National Comic Book Expo in Toronto (September 1-3).
I will hopefully be in attendance at both.
Exact dates and venues are not confirmed yet, but you can follow the links above or visit
And as always, I will post more news as soon as it becomes available.

August 12 2006:

St. Lawrence Shakespeare’s successful run of Much Adoe About Nothing will come to an end Saturday, August 12.
Following the 7pm performance there will be a fireworks display over the St. Lawrence river.
For more details visit the link above.
Thanks to everyone in the town of Prescott for another amazing summer!

July 18 2006:

SIDEKICK will be screening August 3 in Sudbury as a part of the Sudbury Cinefest Festival.
Show starts 7pm at the  Silver City Sudbury – 355 Barrydowne Road.
More details available HERE.
More pictures from Prescott have been added to the Photos page.

July 14 2006:

Much Ado opens tomorrow night in Prescott. Click on this LINK for more details.
 New pictures have been added to the Photos page.  Check back soon for more.

June 24 – August 12 2006:

So, I’m leaving to start rehearsals for the St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival’s production of
Much Ado About Nothing.
The play runs from July 15 – August 12.  Click on the above link for times, tickets, accommodations, etc.
For the next 7 weeks I’ll be living in picturesque Prescott Ontario.
No high-speed internet connection out there, so (for the two of you who visit frequently) don’t expect many updates on this site ’till I get back in August.

June 7 2006:

A new Sidekick Trailer is now online at YouTube.
It comes sporting official review quotes and the coveted laurel leaf graphics.
And – new photos added to the Movie Tour Page.

June 2 2006:

Moving Pictures has booked SIDEKICK for another special engagement in
Vancouver on Friday June 2nd at 7:30pm at the Cinemark Tinseltown.
Michael and I will be in attendance.
Details are available (as always) at

May 16 2006:

BLOOD CREEK has been added to the IMDB.
A review from SLASHERPOOL.COM can be accessed by clicking on “External Reviews”. (Link)

May 8 2006:

 After approximately 68 hours of driving, 7 hours of flying and 6391 km of total distance traveled, I’m back from our cross-Canada movie tour.
And don’t fret, new pictures of our adventure will soon be added to the Photos page.
“So,” you ask “what’s next for SIDEKICK?”  Why, more screenings of course! 
Check back soon for details. 

April 18 2006:

Not a word of a lie, as Dave and I were getting into the elevator at the Delta Winnipeg on Tuesday, who did we see standing inside?
None other than the Right Honourable Stephen Joseph Harper.
Apparently he was in the Peg to speak to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce the next day.
How appropriate then that I took the opportunity to tell him about our little independent venture.
That’s right, as we descended to the third floor spa facilities, I pitched the Prime Minister of Canada on SIDEKICK.
He and his aides were very friendly and attentive as I spewed out all the details.
So now that he’s aware of the film, our next step is to get him to see it!

April 17 2006:

We’re half-way through the cross-country SIDEKICK tour.  So far we’ve played to ever-increasing audiences in
Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.  We’ve also been featured in reports by the National Post (twice), The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star,
Toronto Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Calgary Herald, Space TV, CTV, Reel to Real, Global TV, CBC Radio and many other
local papers and radio stations.  The buzz is great!  You can read some of the articles on the official website.
Tomorrow morning I fly out to finish the western leg of our tour in Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver.
I’ll update when I get back in May!

March 27 2006:

Last night (Sunday, March 26), at the closing Gala of the Canadian Filmmakers Festival,
 SIDEKICK was presented with the Audience Choice Award for Best Movie!
Pictures from the festival will be posted soon.
(See Photos page)

March 13 2006:

Tickets are now on sale for our March 23rd screening and can be purchased at the Varsity box office.
Cost is $11.70 (tax included).
The Varsity Cineplex Odeon is located at 55 Bloor St. West, inside the Manulife Centre.

April – May 2006:

Another SIDEKICK announcement!  The film will be touring across Canada starting April 5th.
Myself, Producer Michael Sparaga and Director Blake Van de Graaf (and periodically Dave Ingram and Mackenzie Lush) will be making stops in
Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver.
For specific venues and times click HERE.

March 23 – 26 2006:

SIDEKICK will be playing in Toronto as part of the 2006 Canadian Filmmakers Festival. (Link)
We will be the opening night Gala at 7:30 pm on Thursday March 23rd at the Varsity Cinemas. 
Tickets can be purchased beginning March 13th.

March 14 2006:

The film BLOOD CREEK will be released on DVD March 14th
You can order a copy via AMAZON.CA.
(Click HERE for the link.)

February 6-12 2006:

I will be attending the 2006 San Francisco Independent Film Festival (Link) with the rest of the gang from SIDEKICK. 
This is the first time that we’ll get to see the film in 35mm (thanks to our grant from Telefilm Canada).  
My first time visiting California –  don’t worry! – I’m bringing earthquake repellent. 
(Don’t think it’s real?  Go ahead and Google it.)
SIDEKICK also recently WON the Eureka Springs Digital Film Festival (Link). 
There’s a lot going on with this film, I suggest that you check out the website (

January 20 2006: ( launched.
To see what other interesting things happened on January 20th click HERE.